Long-term car rental agency Tunisia: take advantage of the best offers at Gannouchi Rent a Car

Our long-term car rental agency in Tunisia offers its customers the long-term formula. Indeed, long-term car rental consists of renting a vehicle for a period fixed in advance for a fixed monthly rent. A la carte services such as maintenance, insurance, assistance are generally included. This formula offers more flexibility in the management of the vehicle and also makes it possible to budget automobile expenses.

Long-term car rental agency Tunisia: make significant savings

Our long-term car rental agency in Tunisia, Gannouchi Rent a Car offers these customers an excellent service in the business of car rental in Tunisia , This service covers a variety of cars that are available in our fleet. Our agency simplifies the online booking procedure to have a dream holiday in all peace and security. This formula seems very interesting because there is no financial contribution to pay during the signing of the contract.

You will no longer need to take care of any costs related to the use of your rental vehicle such as maintenance and repair service, insurance, taxation, etc. you will find a wide range of cars LLDs that suit your desires and with the best quality / price ratio.

LVLD, services and benefits

  • Complete freedom as to the choice of vehicles.
  • A fixed rate for the entire rental period, which guarantees you a budget forecast.
  • A single point of contact.
  • No intervention by the tenant (driver) in the event of a breakdown.
  • Quick assistance to ensure the temporary replacement of the vehicle.
  • The fixed price for the entire period.
  • Transparency of park management costs.

LVLD, accounting and financial benefits

  • A charge distributed over the period of use of the rental car.
  • No capital investment.
  • Reserved borrowing capacity.
  • No cash flow.
  • Recoverable VAT for taxable persons.
  • Rents deductible from operating expenses within the established tax limit.
  • Avoid fixed assets.

LVLD, advantages in terms of management and services

  • Care and maintenance of the rented vehicle.
  • Tire replacement.
  • Local assistance in case of car breakdown.
  • Coverage of insurance costs.
  • Control of deadlines and payment of all taxes on technical visits and vignettes.
  • Reviews and checks throughout the period of use of the rental vehicle.
  • The supply of the assistance vehicle if the hired vehicle is non-driving.

Gannouchi Rent a Car is committed to maintaining regular maintenance of your vehicle with a qualified technical team available to meet your expectations. Book online and move with confidence thanks to the LLD by Gannouchi Rent a Car, contact us!